Revenite, Inc supports Revenite Distribution aka Revenite and their sales force supporting expansion, system creation, and compliance, among other things. Its focus is to help business owners, financial professionals, and Revenite’s clients make a comeback in their businesses and lives.

Sales Force

We believe that if you make the sales force #1, all other problems will be solved. Honesty, integrity, and reliability are among several other qualities that we look for in potential representatives. While the rest of the industry seeks to recycle the same personnel over and over between companies, we feel there are talented people with the qualities we desire who have no experience in the industry and have never even entertained the idea of working in the financial world. Most people view our industry as difficult to break into because of the high cost of licensing typically required to even interview at many companies. Because of this, we endeavor to provide a system where everyday, average people can “give a try” to the world of financial services without having to first get all the normal education, licenses, and certifications.
See Environment/Culture and Training

Environment/Culture and Training

Our training is FUN! We believe that if people actually want to be at training, they will show up more often and therefore learn more effectively. There is a lot to learn, but people stick around and are more likely to succeed if they enjoy themselves while learning. Upbeat music, refreshments, a casual atmosphere, social events, and the most entertaining trainers around all add up to a training experience you will want to check out!

FSP, Products and Services

One of our slogans is “Finding Balance”. Traditionally, financial companies push products and services that they sell and do not even consider other options for a family that they cannot profit from. They do not care how their product or service fits with everything else a client has going on. It’s like they are playing financial tug of war with families. This is where our Financial Solutions Proposal comes in. See the how we do it section for more information.

How do we do it?

We can help with many areas of someone’s financial life. What’s important is how we use them together to help clients Find Balance. For example, does and investment company care if a family ever pays off their house? Of course not! But wouldn’t it be easier to retire without a mortgage payment? The problem is, that investment company wants all available money with no regard to balance. Does the life insurance company want a family’s credit card debt paid off? Same thing. They want the debt to stay so the client has a longer need for coverage. We can support all of these areas in one way or another to make sure the family “Finds Balance” in their financial lives. We do this through our FSP or Financial Solutions Proposal. Its an analysis that takes into account where they are and where they want to go and applies generally accepted financial principles to provide insight so that a family can help themselves do better financially.